Nails are a way to experiment with new fashion or beauty trends, showcase your personality, and make a statement. Looking to 2024 nail trends, we’re seeing both a strong proclivity toward both maximalism and minimalism. For the former, think mixed-and-matched patterns and bold splashes of color, while in the latter camp, it’s all about sheer and glossy nudes, feminine palettes, and delicate French tips. We asked nail experts to give us the full rundown on their favorite nail trends of 2024.

Back in 2023 nail trends

Nail trends refer to the latest fashions and styles in the world of manicure and nail art

So, what are nail trends?

Nail trends refer to the latest fashions and styles in the world of manicure and nail art. These trends encompass various aspects such as nail colors, nail shapes, decorative elements, and finishes that are popular during a specific period. Nail trends change from season to season, and even year to year, influenced by factors like fashion trends, celebrity nail artists, and industry experts.

Why should you get new nail trends?

Trying new nail trends is a fantastic way to freshen up your look and stay on top of the latest fashion trends. Your nails are like a canvas, allowing you to experiment with different colors, shapes, and designs to reflect your personal style. Trying new nail trends can make a statement, boost your confidence, and add a finishing touch to your overall appearance.

Predictions from Experts

2024 is set to bring some exciting and innovative nail trends according to experts. From bold colors to intricate nail art designs, below are the top 10 nail trends that are expected to make a splash this year.

Top 10 nail trends for 2024

3D nail art

3D Nails Art

The creativity within the nail community never disappoints, especially when it comes to 3D nail art. “When a French tip or nail art just isn't enough, 3D nails are a fun way to add an extra level of dimension to your manicure,” says Rianna Basurto, nail expert for Bellacures. She says there are tons of options to choose from ranging from textural sweater nails to floral designs and glittering crystals.

Metallic nails

Metallic nails remain covetable through 2024, now with nuanced details that elevate designs even further. Think “cat eye” metallic nails that lend a multi-dimensional effect, mixed and matched metals, extra shiny chrome nails, and more simplified designs using metallic accents. 

Lips gloss nails

From latte nails to bubble bath nails, ultra-minimalist manicures are totally in for 2024. Lip gloss nails—which entail a clear glossy coat of polish over natural nails—perfectly epitomize this nail trend. 

“With the rise of the minimalist aesthetic, lip gloss nails are set to be on trend in the coming 2024 year,” says Rianna Basurto, a nail expert with Bellacures. “For those who love an understated look, lip gloss nails allow your natural tips to be the true star of the show. Using just a sheer base polish and a glossy topcoat, it is the perfect opportunity to match your mani with your favorite lip combo.”

Coquette mani

Let those feminine wiles run free with a delicate Coquette mani, a 2024 nail trend that’s riding the coattails of balletcore and Barbiecore. This aesthetic is all about cutesy girliness via pale pinks, creamy whites, and delicate details like bows and pearls.

Soft peach nails

Pantone’s color of the year is peach fuzz, and there’s no doubt we’ll see this juicy hue on fingertips throughout the year. It also aligns with both the year-round pastel nails and minimalist mani trends that are so popular right now. Peach fuzz is a bright pastel that feels fresh and playful without being too much of a statement-making showoff. 

Ombre nails

Nail pro-Eunice Park of Aprés Nail confirms that the minimalist nail look is only going to rise in popularity through 2024. “Everyone is still very much enjoying clean lines and clean makeup, and to complement these looks people are looking towards more simple, classic nails,” she says. One of her favorites that embraces this minimalist mani approach is ombre nails. They allow for that clean nail feel while offering just a hint of pizzazz. 

Ombre nails

90s Grunge nails

If all these pale palettes are making you wonder if there’s space for your love for a moody mani, we’ve got good news for you: grunge nails la the ‘90s are enjoying a resurgence for 2024. Break out your inkiest black paints, deepest greens and purples, and blood-red hues.

70 Aura nails

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve got groovy aura nails, which give serious “good vibes only” energy. Nail artist Molly Romah of Chillhouse says this design is all about layering different colors to create an aura-like effect “where one color evolves into the others. So trippy, so stunning.”

Skinny French Tips

There was a hot minute there when French Tips were deemed very uncool, but that moment was but a flash in the pan. The French Tip revival we’ve seen over the last few years has a stronghold on the nail community, and it’s going nowhere in 2024. “French tips are always classic manicure style,” An expert says. “Right now we’re loving a very deep, curved-around-French design with a minimalist, timelessly chic finish.”

Mix and Match mani

Another maximalist 2024 nail trend our experts are loving is the mixed-and-matched mani. This style is for someone who can’t decide between an elevated design or a solid color. It’s so fun and you get the best of both worlds. Think animal print paired with a grass green French tip or checkerboard accent nails with a splashy rainbow palette.


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